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California High School

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Welcome to my webpage! 
In the event of student absence, or a school closure, please check Google Classroom for ongoing coursework, assignments and activities.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact me through email.
Google Classrooms and certain linked documents are only accessible to students who are logged into their WUHSD accounts.
About Mr. Hochadel
I graduated from high school and went directly to UC Berkeley, also known as California because it is the first UC school. I played water polo for 2 1/2 years but had to stop playing due to an injury. While on the team, I played with several Olympians, my coach was the Olympic coach, and we won 2 Division 1 NCAA championships (ask me about my playing time during those games). I had an on-campus job setting up and mixing the sound for concerts and events that paid for my approximately $850 tuition each semester. As an English major, I took a Psychology in Literature class where we watched and analyzed the movie Carrie and a Circumpolar Peoples Anthropology class with a professor who dressed like Indiana Jones. Fun fact: Cal High’s fight song is the UC Berkeley fight song. GO BEARS! Currently, I live in Whittier with my wife and 3 children.
Things to remember:
  • When you are absent, it is your responsibility to check on makeup work.
  • You have 7 school days to turn in late work. After that, the work will not be accepted. 
  • Late work will receive 70% of your earned score.
  • There is no late penalty for excused absences; however, you still have 10 school days to submit your late work.
  • No assignments will be accepted after the Friday before finals week.