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We are open to all who wish to participate, we do not hold try outs to become a member of the wrestling team.  We welcome all who want to try the sport of wrestling however, we ask that if you choose to join the team that you are a committed athlete! This means that you are agreeing to be at every practice, weight training and conditioning day as well as fundraising events and programs. You must commit to attending all tournaments, league matches and CIF matches. We understand that Life happens so we insist on full communication when it does. Communicating your life circumstances does not excuse all, but it will be taken into consideration.  If you fail to meet the commitment of a wrestler, action will be taken and is left to the discretion of the coaches to determine your future with the team.  If you chose to commit to our wrestling family you will be in a positive environment with a whole new family. We as wrestlers look out for one another, always encouraging and pushing our team mates to be the best! Wrestling will hurt, cause tears, pain and bumps we call muscles. Your body and mental toughness will be pushed to its limits! In short, you will have the most fun you ever had being miserable!  If this sounds good to you, well, you just might be a wrestler!

Coach Steve

Coaches contact info:

Email: [email protected]  Cell: (562)569-1457

(Please leave name/ ID #/phone# and best time to reach you)

Every Athlete must be covered by health insurance. If you do not have coverage, click on the button above and purchase a policy. Make sure to mark Myers Stevens on the athletic clearance website with the policy number they issue you.