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California High School

Lori K. Davies Home Page

We are at the end of our Semester 2 Distance Learning.  I'd like to thank the kids for their hard work and their families for all the support.  Although we still don't know what awaits us in the fall, we know we can handle whatever is asked for.  I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy summer.  
Important:  Health concerns across America have made this a challenging time for our students and their families.  The staff at Cal High wants to make sure our students will have access to their lessons over the next few weeks. During the suspension of classes, please check Google Classroom daily for ongoing coursework, assignments and activities. 
Here is the link to my Google Classroom page.   This will take students to their specific class.
Class Agendas.  Please click on your class to see the Agenda for this week.
Please note that Google Classroom and certain linked documents are only accessible to students who are logged into their WUHSD accounts. 
I will be checking my email often, so please contact me there if you have any questions or need further clarification on any assignments.  It is most important that we do all we can to support one another during this moment in time. Thank you!