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Lori K. Davies Home Page

"You're the first audience to your work, and the most important audience."--Gloria Naylor
This is Week Seven, and we have finished two-thirds of this semester.  Wow!  We have finished one book and are deep into our second.  We also will produce two quality pieces of writing in the next three weeks.  Buckle up! 
This week the students will produce their final drafts of the Of Mice and Men Essay. I encourage the students to join me during Office Hours for help in fine-tuning these final drafts.
We are continuing to read The House of Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. This is a novel based on Cisneros' childhood growing up in Chicago.  The students will be writing their own version of Mango Street at the end of the Quarter.
Again this week, we will enjoy (online) face-to-face meetings for the first 30-40 minutes of each class session.  The rest of class will be dedicated to group work, writing exercises, and monitored classwork and assessments. 
Here is the link to my Google Classroom page.   This will take students to their specific class.
Class Agendas.  Here is this week's Agenda for my English 1 Honors classes:
Please note that Google Classroom and certain linked documents are only accessible to students who are logged into their WUHSD accounts. 
I will be checking my email often, so please contact me there if you have any questions or need further clarification on any assignments.  It is most important that we do all we can to support one another this semester. Thank you!