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Latin Homework Options

On this page you will find documents and links for completing your Latin Homework points. 

You will choose from options that interest you (or propose your own activities to Mr. Maust for approval) and acquire points toward the Presentational Category of your grade. Homework counts as 15% of the total grade for Latin.

Links for reading Latin:
http://www.legonium.com/ - Stories in Latin that are illustrated with pictures of Lego scenes.
Links for listening to spoken Latin:
Jessie Craft’s Video series - Roman culture comes to life with Minecraft recreations of ancient sites and other cool and interesting videos.
The Latin Listening Project - Short videos of people talking about everyday topics, in clear, simple Latin.
Quomodo Dicitur Podcast - A weekly podcast, in which the hosts discuss a simple question, or a reading.
Forum Romanum - Originally produced in the 1990’s by Latin teachers, this is an Ancient Roman-themed newscast, featuring reports on literature, culture, history, even the weather. Each video has a link to a complete script, for those who prefer to read along.
Here is an actual newscast produced in Latin (for a German television station)
Josiah Meadows’s online Latin tutoring sessions - Read along with these recordings of online Latin lessons. Uses Hans Oerberg’s Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata. (This is a resource that may also be appropriate for beginning students.
Videos in Latin Youtube playlist - Ellie Arnold has compiled all sorts of Latin YouTube videos here.
More Links for Movies and other resources coming soon...