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California High School

AP GoPo class of 2020

We've gone digital! 
For those who need internet access, Charter & Comcast are offering it free for 60 days to houses with K-12 students  that don't already have internet access at their residence. For more info,
If you or other kids at your residence depend on Cal High for food, it will still be available during school days!
Please be patient as I do my best to harness the power of technology to share some semblance of quality instruction with you via the exciting world of online learning. I'll use the new REMIND to let you know when I post major updates, announcements, or assignments. 
Remind for all GoPo classes: Text @calgopo20 to 81010
Feel free to share exciting news about your college acceptance, or any major scholarships - full rides anyone? 
I'll be posting assignments on our period-by-period google classrooms. If you haven't added yet, I just added everyone via an Aeries link we have. 
Class of 2020 GoPo Google Classroom (the one used for summer assignment, posting notes, etc - everyone should be on this one already too) - lvwbptt
For My AP Progress Checks & Practice questions, I'm 99% sure ALL of you are already in your class, but if you need the code, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send it to you privately. 
I'm looking forward to sharing this new educational journey with you all! Because I'll miss the face-to-face contact as much as some of you might, some assignments may ask you to record a video of yourself answering questions.
Please help your peoples remain calm while we adjust to this current situation. One thing I always remind myself of when things aren't ideal? It could be much worse :) Think of people around the world who have it worse, and you can appreciate how lucky we still are. Hope to see you all back on campus as soon as possible. 
Much love, Reagan