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California High School

Mr. Zamora

Google Classrooms and certain linked documents are only accessible to students who are logged into their WUHSD accounts.

As we all navigate some very challenging times, we want to make sure that everyone stays safe and finds ways to be productive. Attached you will find the expectations for the next three weeks of assignments. Below are the expectations for Physical Education. For Guided Study, attached is our daily class schedule. Please keep up with your work. Click the link above and choose your class. Remember to log into your WUHSD account.


Please complete and log the activity of the day assignment (daily) for each week. You can email me weekly with your activity of the day on a word document. Also, complete one sport packet a week. I realize that being active outside may be difficult at this time, so indoor activity is acceptable.


Turning in assignments: Assignments may be turned in online through google classroom. You can also scan your work and submit it that way. Feel free to email me with any questions or to turn in assignments.


Attached is a video about yearbook distribution and Cap and Gown pick up (for Seniors).


For those interested in purchasing a yearbook, click on this link 


Here is a message from our ASB President. Click on the link to see it.