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Athletics 2021-2022 Coaches Emails

Cal High Coaches 2021-2022
Athletic Director:  Mando Padilla  [email protected]
Baseball: Kyle Pine [email protected]
Boys Basketball:  Joel Simonds [email protected]
Girls Basketball:  Brian Barber  [email protected]
Cross Country:  Brandon Martinez
Football:  Louis Zamora  [email protected]
Girls Golf:  Juan Guerrero  [email protected]
Boys Golf: Juan Guerrero  [email protected]
Girls Lacrosse:  Zoe Alvarez  [email protected]
Boys Soccer:  Valentin Cruz and Lino Gomez [email protected] and [email protected]
Girls Soccer: Brian Bordier  [email protected]
Softball:  Jason Ramirez   [email protected]
Swimming:  Todd Jacobsen  [email protected]
Tennis:  Wally Lee   [email protected]
Track and Field: Mando Padilla  [email protected]
Boys Volleyball:  Ronald Cruz  [email protected]
Girls Volleyball:  John Horwath  [email protected]
Boys Water Polo  Aaron Valdovinos  [email protected]
Girls Water Polo: Aaron Valdovinos [email protected]
Wrestling: Steven Machuca  [email protected]