Open Letter from Coach Rojas


January 25, 2016 

To whom it may concern;

As the head Cross Country coach here at California High School it is my pleasure and honor to give you an idea of what we are building. We do not see this as just a sports team on campus. We are much more than that. We are a family working towards a common long term goal. Many might think that would involve making it to State, NXN, and other championships. They would be partially correct our goals involve all of that and much more. Beyond the plaque, medals, and trophies we are in the process of building something special here a Cal High! We want to build a culture in which hard work, commitment, dedication and grit always wins out in the end over pure talent and privilege.  We want our kids to learn valuable lessons that if they believe in something, if they commit to something, if they chase their dreams anything is possible! We know many of our runners will go on to run in college and maybe a very small few beyond college but whether they do or not we know that they will take with them the lifelong ability to work hard and be stronger in anything they do in life. From school work, to their careers, to their family lives in the future they will be prepared to take on life and be strong productive members of our society.  In the process we will “WIN” many championships, many trophies, many medals etc. but those will simply be reminders of what we have built here at Cal High. Those achievements will be bricks that create the home that is our team culture. With each win, with each championship we will build something bigger than a team or a family but a community of Student-Athletes, Parents, Teachers, and Community members all striving to give our kids a better future. We are Cal High! And we truly do “Run like Champions!”


With respect and honor

Coach David “Papa” Rojas
Head Cross Country Coach
California High School