Incoming Freshman

Its almost that time of the year when we welcome our new class of freshman to the team! We hope to meet many of our new recruits at Future Condor night Thursday 3/24 at 6:00 PM! Last year we got over 100 signups and plan to get even more this year! Everyone makes the team as a freshman . We do this because every year kids that weren't that fast or even liked running too much become our fastest kids at Cal which means some of the fastest runners in the STATE! So join us!
Our team has grown significantly and in large part this was due to the number of new freshman each year. 
If you want to join a team that wins and wins big! Join us!!! 
True Story: Each year we get kid tons of kids that say they hated to run before, they are forced by their parents to join ; they joined only because of a friend, then a few short months later they love the sport the team ! and have become one of our fastest most committed runners!
Come join our team and be a part of a team that is growing larger and stronger each year! 
Summer Training is key to our success so don't miss it! 
Summer Training begins Monday June 26th 7:00 AM.

Parent Athlete Orientation Meeting:
June 14th 7:00 PM Library for all Incoming Freshman!
If you missed these don't worry just email Coach Rojas at [email protected] for more info and make sure you make the first practice!
$75 Team Donation: The lowest for any sport in any area school 
Athletic Clearance: Each runner must have the athletic clearance packet filled out and a Physical performed that clears them for participating in sports at Cal High. The packet can be picked up at the Business and Activity Office and the physical can be done at your doctors office or at :
Uptown Wellness Center
Address: 7354 Painter Ave, Whittier, CA 90602