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Mission Statement:
The mission of the Business Academy is to provide students with an educational program that integrates business practices and academic subjects in a manner that prepares students for furthering their education at the post-secondary level, or entering the work force with competitive business skills. In addition to teaching computer skills, our Academy's focus is to establish lifelong learning skills, networking opportunities, work ethics, and professional development. 
"Every day women and men become legends" -Common
Apply to join the BA to learn the ins and outs of creating your own business from the one and only Mrs. Behr! The BA will teach you what it takes to start your own business and will allow you the opportunity to meet other business owners for Q&As.  Our field trips will also give you hands-on opportunities to visit various types of businesses, including Disneyland, for fun and educational activities!
Use this link to complete your academy interest form:
Remember that you can only complete it once
Please use the link below to join our recruitment zoom meetings (dates & times below):

If you have any questions, please contact us via the following:
Mrs. Behr, Academy Lead 
Miss Trujillo, Academy Clerk
Check out some of the opportunities you can experience in the BA in the pictures below and on our field trips page.
Important Announcements
Google Classroom:
Visit google classroom and Mrs. Behr's website for all assignments and instruction during this dismissal.  If you have any questions regarding the assignments, contact your teacher via email before calling the school directly.  We understand that not all students have access to internet and/or a computer at home.  For information on how to receive access to a Chromebook and/or internet during this time, please check the school homepage or call the school.