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Common Core State Standards
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New School Standards Will Enhance Real World Skills

Opinion Editorial on Common Core by WUHSD Superintendent Sandra Thorstenson


If you’ve been talking with local teachers, perhaps you have heard about changes in the way children and teenagers will be taught in Whittier and other local school districts. Known as the Common Core State Standards (California's CCSS Website), educators are preparing to implement an evolution in academic standards that will ensure students are college- and career-ready by the time they graduate high school. (read more of this article here)


Common Core Discussed at Back to School Night  

Common Core State Standards were talked about at this year's Back To School Night.  Did you miss it, would you like to see the Powerpoint Presentation prepared by Principal Mr. Bill Schloss. (Parent Slideshow/Presentation

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As we move towards Common Core,teachers are analyzing and modifying classroom instruction, activities, and assessments to better coordinate with Webb's 4 Depth of Knowledge Levels.  This Framework are used as a foundation for Common Core.  

Follow the link below to see the 4 DOK Levels, as well as examples of each.

Depth of Knowledge Chart: http://