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Action Plan for College- Sophomore Year All the right steps to getting ready for college after high school.
AP Exam Calendar 2013 Advanced Placement Exam dates for this school year. Fee and registration information, click on the links.
College Action Plan for Juniors All the steps to take in preparation for college in your Junior year.
College Action Plan for Seniors All the steps you need to take in your last year of high school to get ready for college next fall!
College is for You! Really! Click here to access all of the College Board's college tools:
College Board Tests (PSAT, SAT, Clep)
Planning for College
Finding a College
Applying to Colleges
Paying for College
PSAT Exam Dates Information on the Pre-SAT exam.
SAT Page Register for the SAT, do practice tests, even download the Question of the Day App here.