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California High School

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$ Fundraising $



Thank you for supporting our Model U.N. program! The funds raised here will go directly into our Club account on campus to help pay for Conference costs, especially our annual overnight Conference. Our current plan is to travel overnight only once a year, alternating between a prestigious out-of-state Conference and the UC Berkeley Conference (BMUN), which is widely regarded as the best MUN Conference in the Western U.S.  Here is the overnight trip history for our team: 

2017, March - Boston (EagleMUNC, hosted by Boston College) 
2016, March - UC Berkeley 
2015, March - Washington DC (WAMUNC)
2014, March - UC Berkeley
2013, January - NYC & Philadelphia (ILMUNC)
2012, March - UC Berkeley 
2011, March - UC Berkeley (BMUN)
2008, May - UC Davis 
              Thank you immensely for your support, 
Mr. Reagan & Mr. Palmer (Advisors), and the entire Cal High MUN Team
Online Donations - Please click on the link to the left to make an online donation to our club. If the "MUN Donation" button doesn't pop-up, type MUN into the search box, then you can proceed to donate to our account. *If you are making the donation on behalf of a particular student (like a parent contribution), please create an account for your student so we can keep accurate records. Either way, thank you all for helping these hard-working students get an experience of a lifetime!   
In-Person donations - The Business and Activities Office is open for parent donations from 7:30am until the end of lunch. However, I recommend you arrive while students are in class, so you don't have to compete with crowds of students. They do NOT accept checks, but cash and credit cards (except AmEx) are accepted for payments and donations. 
Chocolate Sales - this is an annual fall off-campus fundraiser to help raise money for regular Conference fees, which are typically $25 per Novice delegate and $40-$75 for our Advanced delegates. 
Parent  Events - Since most of our costs are paid by parent contributions, the parents often organize one or two outside events, especially in the years when we travel out-of-state. Yard Sales and other events that the students aren't allowed to participate in have been hugely helpful in years past. Our parents have no official booster club, so they simply put something together, and make a donation.  
For information on how you can help, e-mail Mr. Reagan, who will put you in contact with our lead parent group of superstar drivers and fund-raisers.