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California High School

Cal High Students Celebrate Kindness Week

Students, teachers and staff at California High School were treated to thousands of free Chick-fil-A sandwiches as part of Kindness Week, an annual weeklong celebration aimed at uniting schools, communities and homes through random acts of kindness.
To demonstrate kindness to their classmates, the Cal High Associated Student Body signed up to participate in an outreach program hosted by the Chick-fil-A in the Whittwood Town Center.
Chick-fil-A parked its mobile truck at Cal High on Feb. 15 and donated more than 3,000 sandwiches for students, teachers, staff and night custodians.
To demonstrate and strengthen Cal High’s theme for the year, “Helpful Condors,” ASB hosted a lemonade and heart-shaped lollipop giveaways and wrote encouraging grams for all students and staff as part of Kindness Week activities.
The Chick-fil-A sandwich giveaway helped conclude the event.