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California High School

Guidance Info

California High School
Guidance Office

Office (562) 698-8121 Ext. 3030 – Fax (562) 907-6944  


The primary focus of California High School's Student Support Team is to strongly support

the academic performance, career development and personal growth of each student.

Our goal is to assist students in their pursuits and to support them in the decision making

process. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of encouragement so that each student is empowered to set and pursue goals as they prepare for their future.



Our Staff


Assistant Principal of Guidance & Attendance

Shana Jones

ext. 3030


Dean Of Students

Jeff Padgett  

ext. 3053   




Margie McTeer

ext. 3033

A-B, Ace Program & Culinary Academy 


 Tim Shubin

ext. 3035

C-Esc, Health Academy


Matt Tremper

ext. 3049

Esd-Lam, Puente Program Grade 9


Leslie Ramirez

ext. 3036

Lan-Mart, Puente Program Grades 10-12 & A&E Academy


 Stephanie Rose

ext. 3034

Maru-Mir, Scholars Program & Interventions


Rosanne Atilano

ext. 3251

Mis-Rodr, Auto Academy


Humberto Solorio

ext. 3037

Rods-Z, Business Academy



School Psychologist 

Stephen Stickler, ext. 3705


School Resource Officer

Deputy Sheriff - Elida Rodas, ext. 3038 


Intervention Specialist

Ann Gonzalez, ext. 3039

Intervention Tutoring

Melissa Esquerra,  ext. 3045



College and Career Coordinator 

Minda Owen-Fitzgerald, Ed.D., ext. 3221



Krystal James, ext. 3050


Guidance Clerks

Ann-Marie Peña, ext. 3030

Carla Valdez, ext. 3031

 Brooklinn Cordi, ext. 3031


Attendance Coordinator 

Jennifer Roberts, ext. 3042 


Attendance Clerks 

 Mariuxi Vargas, ext. 3040

Shellee Carlson,  ext. 3041