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Latin Club at Cal High

DLC and JCL Heading
Welcome to the Latin Club at Cal High!
All Cal High students are welcome to join the Dead Language Club and our Junior Classical League chapter at Cal.
JCL, Junior Classical League Info!
There are two JCL events each year, SCRAM in the Fall, and the State Convention in the Spring.
SCRAM (Southern California Regional Amici Madness) is a one day event in Southern California, held annually on a Saturday. Students do not have to be JCL members to attend.
The CJCL State Convention is an annual two day event, either held in Southern or Northern California. Students must be a member of JCL to attend ($5 dues).
Students can participate in all kinds of activities and competitions. Links are found below for the CJCL (also CAJCL) website and "White Booklet." Please refer to the "White Booklet" for rules and information about JCL competitions.