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Welcome to the Cal High Model U.N. Team Website

E-mail will likely get you a much faster response. 
Supporting impressive students since the spring of 2007, the Cal High Model United Nations team exists to provide preparation & opportunities for all Cal High students who want to participate in Model U.N. Conferences
Why Join MUN?
Become an expert in Academic Creativity! Become a better, more confident speaker? Feel smarter & be more informed? M.U.N. students (delegates) get to role play international diplomacy with motivated students from around the world. Each conference, delegates choose their own topic and become experts in a variety of the world's most challenging issues, like nuclear weapons, women's rights, climate change, organ trafficking, etc. 
The Model United Nations program at Cal High teaches students about international issues, helping them expand their research, negotiation, and public speaking skills, all of which are academic qualities that help students be more successful in high school and beyond.
Shameless Bragging -
i. Our students have gone on to attend UCLA, Harvard, Berkeley, NYU, Stanford, and many other prestigious Universities.
ii. We've travelled to NorCal Conferences like Berkeley & UC Davis numerous times each, often stopping for college tours & once a tour of Google's campus.
iii. We've travelled to New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston for conferences, which also including tours of the U.N. building, the White House, and meetings with Ambassadors.
iv. We've supported numerous local middle and high schools in starting and maintaining their own M.U.N. teams. 
v. Our Officers plan ahead to ensure our meetings are worthwhile AND fun. 
Angie Clauser
VP & USG of Logistics
Alyssa Tinoco
VP of Public Affairs & USG of Finance
Celeste Villa 
12 email
Director of Publicity
Melanie Saavedra
12 email
USG of Delegate Affairs
Sofia Solorio
12 email
USG of Records
Hector Villanueva
USG of Delegate Orientation
Maddie Reagan
Lead Delegate Trainer
Katy Tinoco
10 email
Meeting Dates, Times & Location  
  • Meetings are in-person every Wednesday, 3:30-4:30pm. Regular team meeting attendance is expected.
 Announcements & Reminders  
  • M.U.N. headquarters is in room T4, right by the front gate.
  • Updates will be posted on our regular communication methods below - if you're interested in joining, join our Google Classroom (GC) & Remind, and follow us on social media.  
  • Applications will be posted in google classroom in August. Just show up to our Wednesday meetings to join the fun.
  • Google Classroom: tic5r6s
  • Remind: @condorm
  • Instagram: @condormun