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California High School


Curriculum Office 

Office Hours:

Monday 7am-4pm

Tuesday 7am-4pm

Wednesday 7am-4pm

Thursday 7am-4pm

Friday 7am-4pm


Chromebooks-Textbook-Class Material

Check Out from the Library

Monday, Wednesday or Friday 8:30am-3:00pm


Tuesday, Thursday 8:30am-1:30pm


The primary focus of the Curriculum Office is to ensure that all students receive high quality instruction in every classroom. 

With that goal in mind, the Curriculum Office oversees the following programs:


 Curriculum Improvement Teams

GATE (Gifted & Talented Education)

Library Resources

Professional Development/Teacher Resources

School Budget

Senior Project

Summer School

Technology Resources

 Testing (SBAC, NGSS and Advanced Placement)




Sean Steward, Assistant Principal of Curriculum, ext. 3020

Franny Padgett, Curriculum Coordinator, ext. 3311 

Erika Brusegard, Administrative Clerk Senior, ext. 3020

Jessica Anderson, Administrative Clerk, ex. 3021