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Welcome to the Business & Activities Home Page

Business & Activities Staff

Mrs. Shellie Jones, Assistant Principal of Business & Activities, ext. 3010

Mr. Alberto Flores, Activities Director, ext. 3312

Mrs. Karen Anderson, Administrative Clerk, Senior, ext. 3010

Mrs. Mimi Aguirre, ASB Bookkeeper, ext. 3016.

Regular Office Hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

Please note: We are closed on Fridays in the summertime.

*Financial transactions are accepted before school, nutrition and during lunch.   Registers shut down after the lunch bell, at 1:16 p.m. for the daily deposit.

 Transactions by cash, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover Card only.  NO American Express or checks accepted. 

 Student I.D. Cards:

Students will be issued a Free I.D. card and clip during the first week of school.  It is mandatory that you wear your I.D. card above the waist. Your ID card is required to conduct business in the Activities Office, check out books in the Library, attend dances, vote for Class Council Elections, ASB Elections, Homecoming  Elections. If you lose your I.D. card you will need to purchase a replacement card for $5.00 in  the Activities Office.  Cal Hi Lanyards will be available in the Activities Office for $4.00 or $3.00 with ASB. Why purchase an ASB Card?ASB card is a valuable discount card! ASB stands for Associated Student Body. ASB funds are used to provide activities which benefit the entire student body, extra curricular groups, and athletic teams (i.e. officials, uniforms, transportation, etc.)   The ASB Card entitles the student to the following benefits & discounts.

  • Purchase your ASB card for $50.00 and save over $250 on the year's activities & events!
  • Free admission to league sporting events, tickets range from $5.00-$10.00 per game. (excludes CIF games and some pre-season)
  • Discounts at Dances, discounts range from $5.00 to $20.00 per ticket depending upon the dance.
  • Yearbook discount $10.00 during pre order period.
  • Seniors will be able to purchase additional graduation tickets with their ASB card! Amount will be determined at the end of the year.

Athletic Clearance:

We are now utilizing an on-line service to facilitate our student athlete clearance process.  Completing the clearance process through will provide an easier, safer, and more efficient method to collect and secure the necessary information and items that are required by our school and district.  The website offers a very good tutorial video that should answer all of your questions. 

  • 2021-2022 clearances are now open on This year you need to upload the front and back of your physical card to the website and sign all paperwork with your first and last name, no initials will be accepted.  Don't forget to complete the new COVID-19 paperwork that was recently added.  We will not be collecting paperwork in the office. It is important to follow the above steps to insure your athletes clearance. Please email once you have completed the process so I can finalize your clearance. If you have any questions regarding the process please call ext. 3010.
Every athlete must be covered by an insurance plan in order to participate in sports. If you do not have insurance you may click the button above to purchase a plan for your athlete.


Campus Use Forms:

Are you planning an event, wishing to use our facilities, or requesting an event setup?  Below are the links to get you started!
Please complete this form for all bulletin announcement requests. Requests must be 250 characters or less. 
This form is the first step in requesting to use our facilities (gyms, stadium, pool, etc...) and is required for all off-campus/outside groups.  As a part of this form, users will be required to submit valid insurance documentation.
This form is required by all groups requesting to use facilities on our campus.  This is a request that will ultimately be placed on the calendar to advertise your event.  
If you need assistance of any kind for your event (setup, breakdown, sound, breakdown, etc...) then you need to complete this form.  This is the primary means for our custodial/support staff to be made aware of what you are requesting as a setup.  Please be specific and include a picture/drawing of the setup if possible.