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Hi Students!
Do you miss me!  No need, I'll be in communication with you each day we are typically scheduled to meet!
For now, I will be posting all your assignments on Google Classroom and sending emails through Aries communications.
I realize what we are experiencing now is not normal, but, as you all know, neither am I.  Mrs. Caltrider
Staying connected will bring us more normalcy!
I promise we will continue to have fun as we explore Art, Ceramics and 3D Art  
Added 4-15-2020

April 1st, 2020

From now until May 5th, 2020


Good morning students!

We were made aware that we will not be returning to school until May 5th.  The unfortunate things about this change are too many to mention.  I miss seeing you all so much and doing art (making art) will be a challenge instructing you this way.  Her are the things I need to know from each of you all.


  1.    How many of you have done the assignments so far?  They will need to be turned in via email now.  So,
  2.    Send all of the first 3 assignments to me as soon as you can. Extra credit ends Friday (4-3-2020) for any of these assignments and then they will count for a grade only. Assignment #4 on will be credit/no credit or project points from here on.
  3.    Please let me know if you have access to YouTube or Zoom just in case I can develop some class time or instruction videos for you.

I will continue to send assignments through email announcements and post them here on my teacher website.  If this changes, I will let you know.


Today’s assignments will be sent separately.  We are still engaging in education!  Don’t give up on Art and don’t give up on yourself!


Sending my best to you all!                                 Mrs. Caltrider

Here is a message from your ASB President!
Here is Art 1 Assignment #4 due Friday 4-3-2020
Here is the Ceramics #5 assignment for this week ending on 4-3-2020
Here is 3D assignment #4 and #5
Here is Assignment #5 and #6 for Art 1
#5 is watching the video and #6 is turning in the flower by 4-10-2020
Here is Assignment #6 for Ceramics.  Have Fun!
I have now, as of 4-14-2020, have moved to uploading assignments to Google Classroom.  
Please consider keeping all your assignments together so that you may bring them back when class resumes.  Extra credit for emailing your work weekly!
Just to let you know; I will be working all this week 3/16 to 3/20.  I will be responding to all emails as soon as I can, but it will be during school hours.  Communication is key!  Email as you need, please!