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California High School


English  1 & 3 in Room N7 with Mr. Orloff
So, we have a new way to get educated.  This might be easy, or it might be challenging. 
                             In six months, how will you be able to say
                              how you responded to this challenge? 
Every day is a chance to make progress.  Use every opportunity you get. 
       My English class is designed to
                                           get your thinking to be efficient,
                                           make your writing easier and 
                                           unlock a love for reading,
                            so that
                                          you can get what you want out of life.  
Literature is about good people getting in trouble or making bad decisions, and then trying to solve whatever problem they are in. If you read about someone making decisions to solve a problem, then you get the experience of that so you can make better decisions.  
We will have regular class meetings Monday-Friday. 
Period 1  Start Time:  9:10am
Period 3  Start Time:  10:35am
Period 5  Start Time:  12:00pm
Period 1  Start Time:  8:30am
Period 2  Start Time:  9:55am
Period 5  Start Time:  11:20am
Period 1  Meeting ID: 893 9161 3343    
Period 3  Meeting ID: 833 6787 3784    
Period 5  Meeting ID: 874 8083 7634    
Remind Code :     
Juniors:       period 1-3-5  text @dhafb8  to 81010
Google Classroom Links
Orloff Eng 3 Per 2    Code:  yo5rxlj  
Orloff Eng 3 Per 4   Code:  rvydvhd   
Orloff Eng 3 Per 6    Code: rgjieb4
Period 1            Code:   C6HQDEJ

Period 3 Code: C6HQCQN


Period 5 Code: C6HQAF6