Physical Education

Good morning. As we all navigate some very challenging times, we want to make sure that everyone stays safe and finds ways to be productive. Attached you will find the expectations for the next three weeks of assignments for Physical Education. In addition, I will be allowing any student that did not complete the 3rd quarter writing prompt to complete it during this time for full credit. 
*Extra credit will also be offered. 
Week 1: March 16-20
Please complete and log the activity of the day assignment (daily) and complete the basketball packet attached. I realize that being active outside may be difficult at this time, so indoor activity is acceptable.
Complete quarter 3 writing prompt if you forgot to turn in last week. 
Week 2: Spring Break
No assignments due at this time. 
Week 3: March 30th to April 3rd
Please complete the activity of the day again for this week and complete the Soccer packet.
Turning in assignments: Assignments may be turned in online or when we return (whichever is easiest). You may use the attached documents or complete on a separate piece of paper. Feel free to email me with any questions or to turn in assignments.