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Veronica Reyes » Spanish I & II Information

Spanish I & II Information

Click on the links below to access and sign up to the websites that students and I will be using in class. 
Google classroom will be used in my class as the primary form of communication and to turn in assignments. To gain access to your classroom, please click on the provided link and add your class's code from the list below. 
Period 1: fnd9687
Period 3: b16g849
Period 4: td5oj29
Period 5: p6t8gua
Period 6: hjab59y
Class Dojo - 
Class Dojo is an online website that allows teachers, students and parents to track participation scores. Please create an account and sign in with the code given to the student.
Remind - is a website and app that allows teachers to send important information and reminders about their class via text messages. To sign up to receive text messages, please click on the link provided and when prompted plug in the appropriate class code from below to join the class text messaging list.
Period 1: @87627d
Period 3: @b67eab2
Period 4: @f6h2f36
Period 5: @dke4fg
Period 6: @kd7d7e
The link above refers you to the District resource page. Scroll down and click on MY.HRW to access the online version of the textbook. The textbook website allows students to practice and review vocabulary and grammar concepts by completing activities and games.