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Welcome to my webpage!  Use this website to get information about a particular class, to check the current Remind feed (click on a class tab) as well as to connect to useful links
About Mrs. Razi
I teach English 3 and Spanish 1 and love teaching both.  I went to UCLA where I proceeded to get four degrees.  I liked being a student!  I first got my BA in Spanish Language and Literature, then a Masters in Latin American Studies which included working with the maquiladora workers in Ciudad Juarez.  After that is when I realized that I really want to teach, so returned to UCLA to get a credential in English and Spanish as well as a Masters in Education.  I first taught at Fairfax High School in West Hollywood, then took an 8 year hiatus while I had my three boys, then returned to teaching at California High School in 2003.  I have had the privilege of travelling extensively to a variety of countries including Mexico, Honduras, Spain, throughout Europe, what was the Soviet Union, India, Saudi Arabia and Peru.  These travels have all showed me the value and importance of communication and understanding in this diverse yet increasingly interconnected world and I enjoy sharing my love of language with my students.  I look forward to getting to know all of you!
All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.   
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English 3, Per. 1 Class Code:
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English 3 Links: (Vocabulary Practice and Tests)
No Red Ink (Grammar Practice and Tests)
Spanish 1 Links:
This site has good practice activities and is aligned to the textbook.
 Sign up for Remind in order to receive reminders about tests and assignment Due Dates:
Period 1:  Text the message @8hda7c8 to the number 81010
Period 3:  Text the message @e9d68c to the number 81010
Period 5:  Text the message @3h4862c to the number 81010