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California High School

Mr. Maust, Latin at Cal High

JCL State Convention 2016
Latin students at the 2016 Junior Classical League State Convention.
For all assignments for Latin during Dismissal Period due to COVID 19, please go to your Google Classroom for your Latin class.
Assignment will be updated by Monday of each week that we are on dismissal.
Thank you!
Mr. Maust
Welcome to Latin at California High School! 
Latin has been at Cal-High since the school began in 1953 and we are boldly carrying on that tradition! We offer four years and levels of Latin at Cal, including the option of Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) Latin in fourth year. All Cal High students are welcome to join our awesome Latin Club, the Dead Language Club (DLC), and our school chapter in the Junior Classical League (JCL)!
Important Links
Find announcements and assignments for your class and access your Latin Notebook Google Doc.
   (Daily New Vocabulary, Class Stories & Activities that are written down in your Latin Notebook)
Homework Options and Resources
Latin Club Info and Photos!
About Latin Class and Club
At Cal High we learn Latin in an engaging, natural and fun way!
It is my hope that all Latin students will
   - cultivate appreciation for a world that was, and still is, connected to Latin
   - develop a love for the art of conversation and connecting with others
   - have a positive experience understanding and producing a new language!
Latin Students at Cal High
   - hear lots of Latin being spoken in the classroom
   - connect interpersonally with others in Latin and English
   - create their own stories and read stories and books in Latin that are compelling and interesting
   - learn about particular areas of ancient culture and the Latin language that especially interest them
   - form lasting relationships with other Latin students at Cal and beyond.
Latin at Cal High is a family!
About Mr. Maust
I graduated from Biola University with a History major and teaching credential, and later added my Latin credential through California State University Long Beach. I love teaching Latin! I also love history, reading, games, travel, camping, and playing instruments (especially the piano, organ, accordion and harmonica!). I live in Whittier with my wife and three children. If you come to our Latin club events, you will get to know them!
Things to Remember
   - When you are absent, it is your responsibility to check on makeup work.
   - Pay attention to due dates for homework, and log all your activities and points.
   - No assignments will be accepted after the Friday before finals week.