Mr. Maust, Latin at Cal High

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JCL State Convention 2016

Latin Class Goals & Practices!
At Cal High we learn Latin in an engaging, natural and fun way!
It is my hope that all Latin students will
   - cultivate appreciation for a world that was, and still is, connected to Latin
   - develop a love for the art of conversation and connecting with others
   - have a positive experience understanding and producing a new language!
Latin Students at Cal High
   - hear lots of Latin being spoken in the classroom
   - connect interpersonally with others in Latin and English
   - create their own stories and read stories and books in Latin that are compelling and interesting
   - learn about particular areas of ancient culture and the Latin language that especially interest them
   - form lasting relationships with other Latin students at Cal and beyond.
Latin at Cal High is a family!
About Mr. Maust
I graduated from Biola University with a History major and teaching credential, and later added my Latin credential through California State University Long Beach. In 2020 I earned a masters degree in School Leadership from Cal State Dominguez Hills.
I love teaching Latin! I also love history, reading, games, travel, camping, and playing instruments (especially the piano, organ, accordion and harmonica!). I live in Whittier with my wife and three children. If you come to our Latin club events, you will get to know them! 🙂