Pathway Description

Freshman Year
As a freshman you will attend an assembly in the spring that will introduce you to all the academies offered at Cal High.  Stop by the Culinary Arts table and pick up an application.  Applications are reviewed, students are interviewed and successful students are notified in March.
Sophomore Year 
Besides your core classes, you will begin with Introduction to  Culinary Arts 1, learning basic food safety and sanitation skills, how to use industry equipment, knife skills, prepare Thanksgiving dinner, learn to cater, compete in a gingerbread cookie and a cupcake wars competition, begin working on your 75 hours of community service, and participate in our yearly fundraiser.  You'll have opportunities to become Chef of the Month, take field trips and learn about composting by working in our garden.   
Junior Year 
Besides your core classes, you will take Culinary Arts 2 and begin cooking more advance dishes.  You will also train through the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and earn your Certified Food Handlers Certification, which allows you to be ready to work in the foodservice industry.  You will compete in the gingerbread 3D tree and other competitions, cater events, continue working on your 75 hours of community service, participate in our yearly fundraiser, become Chef of the Month, take field trips and learn about sustainability by working in our garden.   
Senior Year 
Besides your core classes, you will take periods 0-1 Introduction to Professional Baking, learning to prepare pastries, cakes, pies, artisan breads and more.  In your R.O.P. Hospitality Class you will train, test and earn your ServSafe Certification, which is a management  certification.  On Thursday mornings your class will train at local foodservice establishments such as Presbyterian Hospital Cafeteria, Crepes and Grapes, Pizza Rev, Chick-fil-A, Pizza Studio, Forking Good, Simply Irresistible Bakery and more.  You will research and apply for colleges, write a resume and learn to interview for jobs.  You will compete in a gingerbread house competition, "Cooking Up Change" competition and others.  You'll complete your 75 hours of community service to earn your service medal, participate in yearly fundraiser, become Chef of the Month, take great field trips and practice "farm to table" by working, harvesting and cooking from our garden.   Besides our school graduation, we have our own Culinary Arts Academy Medal Ceremony where successful seniors will receive their service pin and culinary medal (to be worn at graduation) and scholarships.