Curriculum » Summer AP Assignments 2022

Summer AP Assignments 2022

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Summer AP Assignments 2022

AP Language and Composition - Ms. Moore

  • Read one of the non-fiction books off the available list and write a 4 page analysis
  • Read the pdf of “Thank You for Arguing” by Jay Heinrichs and use Kami to annotate
  • Make 45 flashcards with the rhetorical terms listed (term on one side, definition on the other) Use actual cards to create flashcards.
  • All assignments are available and described on the summer assignment google classroom


AP Language and Composition - Ms. Avila  


AP Literature and Composition - Mr. Cammarata

  • Google Classroom Code is 7pz7gbh


AP U.S. Government & Politics (GoPo) w/ Honors Economics - Mr. Reagan

  • Contact CHS Curriculum Office for printable. Ex. 3020


AP US History - Mr. Palmer

AP World History - Mr. DiMarco

  • Google classroom code 337sxt7

AP Human Geography - Mr. Reagan

  • No summer assignment.


AP Psychology – Ms. Segura

  • No summer assignment.

AP Spanish Literature and Culture - Ms. Espinoza

  • No summer assignment, but students are encouraged to read Spanish literature. 


AP Spanish Language and Culture- Mrs. Nevarez

  • No summer assignment.


AP Statistics

  • No Summer Assignment.


AP Calculus AB - Mrs. Palmer

  • Contact CHS Curriculum ex. 3020 for PDF assignment.


AP Environmental Science - Mrs. Rippon

Summer assignment Google Classroom code is: xgh7v6o