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Spanish - Señora Mejía-Torres

¡Hola!  ¿Cómo estás?  ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!
Welcome to my webpage for Spanish class!  I have been teaching at Cal High for twenty some odd years!  You can say I bleed Blue & Gold!  Spanish is my first language, a gift from my parents!  I grew up traveling through various parts of Mexico, but always ending up in Jalisco and Querétaro to visit with family and staying connected to my roots through language and culture.  I took French in high school and college and then picked up a little of Italian.  Knowing these languages definitely made traveling through Europe that much more exciting!  I've always been fascinated with learning languages!  I even taught Japanese at one time early on in my career!  I believe learning languages is key to building bridges for a better tomorrow!  Don't be afraid to make mistakes as that is how you'll improve your skills in Spanish.  If you embrace the motto ¡Sí se puede!, all is possible!  All it takes is a little courage and trust that I will not let you fall! Be ready to be silly at times, sing and dance, try new foods, and most of all...hablar en español!