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BBC Country Profiles Great for getting to know your country. I think it's better than the CIA's World Factbook for helping with Country Policy. But check both to be thorough.
Best Research Binder Ever! ...and loads of other great tips from
Human Rights Watch They cover every human rights abuse in every country. Don't go here unless you're ready to be informed about the worst that goes on in our world.
Inter Press Service International News, from an international perspective
Mira Costa HS (Manhattan Beach) A simple, but good MUN delegate guide.
The Economist magazine Int'l Page A great magazine, from the U.K., that reports on the whole world. Short but very informative articles.
U.N. News Centre The UN News Centre! Need I say more?
UN Documents Search Engine Thanks to Mission Viejo HS's website, on their "resources" tab, this will help you search for previous UN statements, resolutions, etc. that relate to your topic.
World Press Great for background on a variety of topics and regions.