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Web Store - ASB Purchases Online Page

 CHS WebStore


The CHS website is making great improvements and one such improvement is having the convenience of paying some fees online from the comfort of your home.


The process is fast, easy and secure. You will have the option to pay with credit, debit, or an electronic check for a small convenience fee if any. If you're not familiar with how to purchase things online, we will have a detailed set of instructions that explain the whole process. Please keep in mind that not only is it a convenience for you to pay online, but it saves the school a great deal of time as well. Therefore, we prefer students and parents to pay online versus coming into school with a cash or check. Important: Remember that your student ID number is needed and that your password is set to your firs tname initial followed by your last name for the first-time login i.e. student Jane Doe's password would be "jdoe"...all lowercase.