Attendance Info



ATTENDANCE OFFICE: (562)698-8121

                                       Chelsie Leal, Student Engagement Specialist (Ext. 3042) 
Mariuxi Vargas, Administrative Clerk - Senior (Ext. 3040)
Dolores Collazo,  Administrative Clerk (Ext. 3041)
Maria Germany,  Attendance Caller (Ext. 3041)
The attendance phone line with 24-hour message and recording (562-698-8121 ext: 3040) is to be used to clear attendance only. Please do not leave messages to pick up student/s for early release.

All students are expected to attend school regularly and on time. Every person between the ages of (6) and (18) years of age is required to attend school. (Education Code sec. 48200) Only absences for medical reasons and certain non-medical reasons will be excused.  Parents should notify the Attendance Office immediately of all absences.  A phone call is the preferred method to clear absences; however, a written note is also acceptable.
When returning to school from an absence, the student should:
  1. Bring a note signed by a parent/guardian
  2. A parent needs to clear the absence by calling the attendance office and leaving appropriate information regarding the absence.
  3. Upon returning to campus, students will first go to the Attendance Dept for a 're-admit slip'. The 're-admit slip' will then allow students to attend classes as usual. 
  1. Parents are encouraged to call the school by 9:00 a.m. to clear an absence for their student.
  2. Absences is not cleared within three (3) days will convert to truancy and Saturday school will be assigned.
  3. If your student is absent for more than (3) days consecutively a doctor's note will be required. 
  4. After the (6th) absence in a semester a doctor's note will be required for every absence therein. (full-day absences).
  5. More than five (5) absences or three (3) tardies in a school quarter is considered excessive.
  6. The school will not accept more than three (3) parental or guardian verifications per semester excusing a student from being late (i.e. car trouble, woke up late, traffic etc.) 
  • Illness absence with a doctor's note or authorization by an authorized school official.
  • Exclusion from school, documented by a doctor, school nurse, or other authorized school official.
  • Medical appointments, verified by a note from the doctor.
  • Quarantine of the home.
  • Funeral of an immediate family member of the student (2 days in-state, 3 days out-of-state).
  • Written verification of personal reasons, such as;
    • Court appearances
    • Observance or attendance of religious holidays, ceremonies, or retreat
    • Attendance at an employment conference
    • Government agency appointments.   
  • A student may lose (at the teacher's discretion) the privilege of making up missed work as a penalty for truancy.     
  • If a student is truant for any part of the school day, the student can be issued a truancy citation by our campus Deputy, along with Saturday School assignment, and the student may be placed on an Attendance Contract for a period of time.
  • Truancies will affect citizenship and can affect academic grades.
Saturday School workshops are a learning tool designed to provide the student with the opportunity to make up missing assignments, tests, in-class labs, and individual tutoring. Saturday School may also be used to make up all-day absences, unexcused absences, truancies, or period truancies. 
The Law and School-California Education Codes:
  • Education Code 48260: Truant - one who is absent from school without a valid excuse for three days in one school year or tardy without a valid excuse for more than any 30-minute period during the school day on three occasions in one school day or any combination thereof.
  • Education Code 48262: Habitual Truant- one who has been reported as a truant three or more times per school year.
  • Education Code 48264: Authorizes the arrests of truants.
  • Education Code 48291: Mandates referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) of the person who has charge over the child, who violates the compulsory education laws. If efforts by SARB fail, the school district shall request a criminal complaint.
  • Education Code 48452 & 48453: Authorizes the seeking of a criminal complaint against parents/ guardians who fail to comply with Education Code 48450.
If a student must miss school for vacation or any other reason that is not medically necessary, the student must attend a Saturday School for every consecutive absence after the second absence. Teachers reserve the right to allow students to make up the missed work. If possible, please schedule all vacations and other events for non-school days.
Off-Campus permits are issued for medical appointments and personal matters that can’t be handled after school hours. Students must present a signed note from a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office before school, at nutrition, or at lunch. Alternatively, a parent/guardian may call in or visit the office for a student release. At that time, an off-campus permit will be issued. PLEASE ALLOW 15 MINUTES FOR YOUR STUDENT(S) TO ARRIVE AT THE FRONT OFFICE. Students must show off-campus passes to teachers in order to leave at the specified time. Students are to leave campus through the main gate between the CHS library and the T building (permission of security on duty) facing Hawes Ave.